Monday, May 23, 2011

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MYSA 2011

Malaysian Young Scientist Assembly 2011 (MYSA 2011) is the first programme organized by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia as an effort to unite undergraduate students from different public universities in Malaysia who are passionate to become the next future scientists. The programme aims to discover and stimulate innovative and creative minds thus providing a platform for knowledge exchange among young scientist. MYSA 2011 hopes that this assembly will help to create networks of scientific cooperation among Malaysian Young Scientist towards a more sustainable future.


"Malaysian Young Scientist towards Sustainable Development"

Date & Location

4-6 July 2011

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Closing Date

15 May 2011

Selection Criteria

-Belong to the top 5 percent of their class
-Show a genuine interest in science and research
-Actively participate in extra curricular activities
-Receive strong support of their application by their academic advisor
-Be fluent in English, capable of active participation in discussions ; and
-Exhibit a solid general knowledge in the natural and applied sciences.

For more details, please contact :

Dr Salina Mat Radzi

Mrs Sharifah Nur Rahimah Syed Alias
(067988550/0173047525) .uk

Secretariat of MYSA 2011
Postgraduate Society of Faculty Science & Technology (PSFST)